Anger and Open Arms

Well. Long time, no see. I know, It’s been a long time since I’ve shared an actual blog post on here. And as I sit here and write, I’m still not really sure what to say, yet I feel as though I have so much to pour out. Perhaps that is the problem. Too many... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real

Boredom creeps over me. My pen frantically taps on my paper as if to show the whole world how over this I am. My teeth chew on the inside of my lip in an attempt to ground myself back in my body. My mind keeps wandering; flitting back and forth like a dog chasing a... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the Wilderness

I have had a thick fog rolling around my brain this past week. I felt like I was wandering around in circles inside my own head, and if I ever happened to find my way out of this dense fog, bam! I was greeted head-on by a brick wall. All the thoughts that once occupied... Continue Reading →

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