Hey there! I’m Sonja Hodgen.

I am a married, passionate, creative, Jesus-loving gal who loves travel, adventure, sharing the behind the scenes of my life, and digging into some real-talk. This is my space to talk candidly and dig into the hard truths of the things that we all feel, but don’t always talk about.

Here, I share my own adventures, but also my struggles with faith, chronic illness, and my own personal set-backs and failures. With each post, I work to help build a healthy mindset to thrive in all seasons of life. My hope is to build a community (#navigatecommunity) of people that are unafraid to be their bold authentic-selves, that can encourage, and be encouraged, in this messy life.

Follow along as I delve into the good and the bad; the faith, failures, and of course, the adventures.

For more of what my mission is click here!


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