Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve always struggled trying to find my mom that *perfect* gift. And while none of these gifts will ever be enough to thank our mothers/ mother- figures adequately for being the rockstars that they are, it is a good launch point. disclaimer: Some of these brands I have tried and love, and some of them are ones I have been wanting to try for a while. I have not tried them all so I can’t say you have my guarantee on every single one, but from my research they all appear to be amazing.

For the Mom who loves rest and relaxation:

Beauty From Bees Bath Blend

This soak has magnesium( aka epsom salt), Himalayan sea salt, and vitamin c and claims to help remove toxins and promote relaxation. While I haven’t tried this bath blend, the reviews are great, and what I have tried from this brand I’ve loved! Not to mention it’s an Alberta based company. This sounds like the perfect blend to add to a relaxing bath after a long day of “momming”.

A Candle From Maison Louis Marie

Candles are a love language to some. They give a warm cozy glow while giving a relaxing scent, perfect for a relaxing night in or having a bath. You can’t quite replace the atmosphere and feeling a candle gives. However, you should probably look into replacing your current candles for a cleaner version as most candles include the umbrella ingredient “fragrance”. This umbrella term can hide a lot of different, undisclosed ingredients under it such as phthalates, and according to the EWG, “Phthalates, used to make fragrances last longer, are associated damage to the male reproductive system, and artificial musks accumulate in our bodies and can be found in breast milk. Some artificial musks are even linked to cancer. ” check out more on that here. Not to mention that most candles on the market are made with paraffin which release carcinogens when burned. An amazing and safer alternative to the average candle is a candle from Maison Louis Marie. They have a range of scents that are dreamy, luxurious, and sophisticated.
A few of the candle options

Silk and Snow Silk Pillow Case

A super cozy and luxurious pillow case that is much gentler on skin and hair. This pillow case is 100% silk, comes in a variety of colours, and is from a Canadian company! This sounds like the best way to tuck in for the night.

Wine Subscription from Wine Collective

This is a Canadian company that offers 1-6 month subscriptions. They currently have a Mothers Day gift subscription. With it your mom will receive 3 bottles of wine , a wine tasting guide, and more (each month). Perfect for any wine-loving mama!

Gift certificate to a local spa!

Hello! The best gift ever – treat your mom to some quiet time, self care and relaxation. A massage? A pedicure? A facial? All of the above? Yes! This gift ticks all the boxes. And here’s an idea, get some quality time with your mom and book a little pedicure date for you and her.

For the Mom who loves a little something extra:

Perfume Oil from Maison Louis Marie

A subtle and, once again, luxurious option (these scent combos are just *chefs kiss*). These perfume oils add a subtle scent to the wearer, as to not be overpowering. Since scent is such a personal choice gift the perfume oil discovery set. Once again, if you are interested in cleaner options, perfume is one of the first things you should drop! As mentioned above they contain that same umbrella term “fragrance”.

BKIND Nail Polish

A Canadian made non-toxic nail polish with the cutest colours! This female founded company has the cutest polish shades that would look amazing on any mom (hello cute spring/summer mani +pedi). If you are curious as to why you should think about non-toxic polish check this out.

beautycounter Facial Oil + Gua Sha

Treat your mama to an at home facial with Gua Sha, a natural way to promote lymphatic drainage and to lift and sculpt the face. Gua Sha works best when paired with a facial oil and beautycounter has 3 amazing options – a plumping oil, a balancing oil, and a brightening oil. I think you could find Gua Sha in many places but here is a link to a store in Calgary.

Beauty From Bees Hair Hydr’a’tion

Bring self-care to the comfort of home so your mom can treat herself whenever. With a mild vanilla scent, this hair serum is supposed to hydrate, repair, and soften! Made with safer ingredients and from an Albertan brand this is a win!

For the on-the-go Mom

A Canadian Coffee Subscription Pack

Send your mom amazing coffee right to her doorstep! This is a great way for a busy coffee-loving mom to try a variety of coffees roasted in Canada. You have the option of gifting coffee for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. The perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Saje’s Pocket Farmacy

I was gifted the physical edition of the Pocket Farmacy from a friend a few years ago, and wow! It was a life saver. I loved that I could just put it in my work bag and easily use throughout the day. I had easy access to essential oil roll-ons to help with headaches, muscle tension, digestion, and more! This would be a great gift for any on-the-go mom.

Cute Scrunchies

Personally, as a young mom with a baby who loves to grab my hair I’m always putting it back. Scrunchies are the perfect way to keep your hair our of your face while still feeling kind of put-together. I think you can find scrunchies just about anywhere, but I would bet that there are a lot of people in your local area that make and sell them, so check for those. Here’s a link some super cute ones that are local to me!

beautycounters Melting Body Balm

Trust me on this one. This melting body balm is perfect for a busy mom who need some on-the-go hydration. It is deeply nourishing and has the most relaxing smell. I love to use it as a nighttime hand mask, and I also put it on my feet after a shower. This is perfect for deep skin nourishment.

Reusable cup or Mug

Get your mom a really good reusable mug that will keep her coffee warm while she gets everything done that needs to be done. I’m sure there are a lot of great local businesses that have travel mugs for sale! Some great brands that I’ve tried are Yeti (obviously), Corkcicle, and S’well. In Conclusion, Any of these items would make a great gift on it’s own, or you could purchase a few and bundle them together as a package. And hey, if it’s thoughtful and heartfelt then your mom will love whatever you give her. Another idea for a Mothers Day gift on a budget is to clean her house, cook her a meal, and spend some quality time with her – trust me, she’ll love it! ~S~

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