The Ultimate Beautycounter Christmas Gift Guide

I’m not going to lie, I am usually very last minute with most of my Christmas shopping, but this year is different. With a baby due near Christmas I know that this year December will be busier than ever, meaning I have to start thinking about Christmas earlier than usual.

This year I know a lot of people are not going to be at the mall in hordes to do last minute shopping (I won’t be). Many people will be avoiding the mall all together. This means that a lot of Christmas shopping is going to be done early, online and, hopefully, through small local businesses.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun (and hopefully helpful to you) to share a Christmas gift guide for Beautycounter.

Truthfully, I don’t go wild with my Christmas shopping any year. I don’t like to over-consumerize Christmas, but I do enjoy getting people thoughtful gifts, and I appreciate when people gift me something they know I would specifically love. This is a guide to some gifts that I would feel warm giving to people, and I definitely would feel warm and appreciated upon receiving them myself.

And don’t worry, there is a wide variety of prices available to fit your budget!

The best part about this Christmas gift guide is that you can feel confident that everything is safe for you and for the people you are gifting it to (no hidden toxins here). It’s also all ethically sourced (yay!). This Christmas you can feel good that you are gifting responsibly as an aware, savvy consumer.

Ultimate Renewal Bath Set – $119

Okay, this is the most expensive item on this list, but hear me out: it’s AH-mazing!

I have this set and love it. It comes with a dry brush (dry brushing is great for exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, and promoting circulation), Sugarbuff Body Polish in lemongrass (the most invigorating scent ever), and the oh-so-luxurious Luminous Hydration Body Oil in a delightful rosewater scent (I don’t usually like rose scented things, but this is such a delicate and delicious smell. Trust me this ain’t your grandmas rose scented perfume).

I love this set because it has been keeping my skin smooth and hydrated in this dry Albertan winter. But also, every time I use this set I feel like I’m at the spa and I don’t even have to leave my house (and that’s kind of like my dream come true).

Good Glow Body Duo – $80

This is a more budget friendly set that you could get instead of the Ultimate Renewal Bath Set. It’s just as luxurious. It includes the Sugarbuff Body Polish in lemongrass and it comes with a mica-infused illuminating body lotion (citrus chamomile scented) to give you an extra good glow. The only down side is you don’t get a dry brush with this kit. But that’s okay because this illuminating body lotion is gorgeous and glowy.

Good to know: If you don’t want a whole set you can get a similar body scrub in lemongrass by itself as well!

Golden Hour All-in-One Palette – $88

Only 88 dollars for a full size blush and highlighter AND four gorgeous eyeshadows that will give you a dreamy golden hour inspired glow!? Yes, please.

I use this palette almost everyday because it is so quick (all of the products are in one place) and it’s so versatile and easy to use. I have done quick everyday makeup and I have done more ~dramatic~ glam looks with it. Truly such a great gift for anyone who likes to play with makeup (and in my opinion a great deal for everything you’re getting).

The best part? It’s talc free AND the mica in it is all ethically sourced (like all of Beautycounter’s mica).

10% of proceeds are going to end child labour in India!

Winter Warmth Duo – $61

golden glow goodness alert

Bring some warmth back to your skin after your summer glow fades.

If the Golden Hour All-in-One Palette is out of your budget but you still want to gift some great glowy makeup to someone, this is the duo for you.

This is a duo of highlighter (once again talc free) and a golden cream eyeshadow that will give you a warm glow all winter long. If you know a person (or if that person is you) just getting into makeup this is a great duo to dip into. Both products are beautiful, blendable, and easy to work with. The cream eyeshadow is especially easy to use with its doe-foot applicator that you can easily swipe across your eye lids.

So gorgeous!

Luminous Lids Cream Shadow – $52

If easy to apply cream shadow sounds like something that you or the person you are giving to would be interested in, then look no farther!

These beautiful creamy shadows are easy to swipe on quickly, great for on the go, and super easy to use. These are an absolute must. And 4 high quality, full cream eyeshadows for only $52? Amazing.

Beyond Gloss Trio – $66

This is a set that I use almost every time I leave the house. The Iris Shimmer is great for adding some shine to any look; the Wild Berry is great for that little pop of something extra; and with a soft pink/purple hue, the Lilac Shimmer is definitely my favourite (I’m wearing Wild Berry above).

These 3 stunning shades of gloss are formulated to not only look gorgeous, but are also hydrating and nourishing as they are made with a blend of natural waxes and jojoba seed oil. I swear this gloss moisturizes better than most of the lip balm I’ve used.

I love wearing these colours separately, mixing them together (the lilac shimmer and wild berry look amazing together!), or layering them on top of a lipstick.

I do have a video of me showing you how these colours look in real life if you are interested. Click here to watch.

Looking for a different shade? Look at all of the Beyond Glosses here.

The Jellies: Shimmers or Brights– $52


What are Jellies?

Think of a set of 5 juicy little tubes that each have a different hint of colour and smell absolutely amazing (cocoa, peppermint, orange cream, raspberry, and so many more scents). Seriously, when I first opened my box of Jellies I was drooling, they are so yummy smelling.

There are two different sets you can get of the Jellies. You can get the ‘Shimmers’ set (first picture) or the ‘Brights’ set (second picture).

These are easy for on the go, they are nourishing, and they are so pretty and fun to use! A set of Jellies would be great to buy and split up as stocking stuffers.

The Clean Deo Minis – $66

This year might have had some stinky moments, but you don’t have to.

Deodorant might seem like a weird gift to give someone, but these aren’t your average deodorants.

4 mini deodorants in 4 separate scents (fresh coconut, soft lavender, clean rose, and crisp sequoia), all of which are formulated without any of the *icky* stuff that normal deodorant contains (like aluminum and parabens).

These are small (hence the mini), but mighty. They smell amazing. My personal favourites are the fresh coconut and crisp sequoia. Keep your eyes open because full size clean Beautycounter deodorant will be making an appearance in the new year, so this is the perfect time to test it out and choose your favourite scent.

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio – $46

such cute colours and great scents!

All I have to say is that I was shocked at how much I use these hand creams. They are the perfect size to have with you in your purse wherever you go, but they aren’t as small as the ones you get at Bath and Body Works (and don’t have the harmful ingredients). It’s the perfect balance of being able to bring it with you in your purse and still knowing this product will last forever (and since a little goes a long way these will last for such long time).

The scents in this trio are: Balance (a grounding mix of neroli and Geranium ), Uplift (a mix of bergamot, ginger, and earl grey tea , and Calm (a soothing aroma of lavender and tonka bean).

I am obsessed with these scents, and as they are formulated with squalene, shea butter, and jojoba all three are lightweight and so hydrating for your skin.

This trio was a surprise favourite for me, I didn’t think I would love them as much as I do, but they are by far one of my favourite things on this list.

Good Scents Body Butter Trio – $66

Okay, so this is very similar to the hand cream trio above (same delicious scents). The only difference is that these body butters are formulated specifically for your body (duh, the name gave that away). These butters are a much thicker consistency than the creams, made specifically with higher amounts of shea butter and mixed with sunflower oil to keep your skin nourished. Um, yes please! That’s what I need this winter.

For the men:

(or perhaps for the women too, I love some of these ‘mens’ products, and if you do as well, then you do you!)

Counterman Fresh Essentials – $74

This set is amazing (and smells so good), it includes body wash, shampoo, and clean deodorant.

Wayde has the Energizing Charcoal Body Wash (available separately for for $33 this would make a great gift on it’s own) that comes with this set, and it’s safe to say that we are both obsessed with it. It smells so fresh and invigorating. I actually stopped using my own body wash and just started using his.

The deodorant comes in the scent Crisp Sequoia and has the purifying power of charcoal behind it. I’m not a super naturally sweaty person, but I would definitely use this as well if I knew I was going to be sweating more than usual.

Like all of Beautycounter’s scents these are all formulated with naturally derived ingredients to ensure that the products smell wonderful, but aren’t harmful to you.

Fun Fact: the term “fragrance” is used by a lot of companies as an umbrella term for a wide variety of ingredients, some of which are very unhealthy for you. In general it is best to be careful with fragranced things if you don’t know what might be hiding underneath. That’s why I am so thankful that Beautycounter is so transparent with what they put in their products and that they have a “never-list” of more than 1800 harmful ingredients that they will never put in their products.

Counterman Smoothing Shave Cream – $26

This non-aerosol shaving cream helps to soften the hair close to the skin before going in with a razor. It has shea butter, aloe, and our Sequoia Stem Cell Complex to help soothe, protect, and soften the skin.

In conclusion:

That’s pretty much it for my top picks. Of course there are many other products to choose from that would make great Christmas presents, but these are my own personal favourites.

Check out this link to look up any of these gift ideas and browse for more. Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding something: you can contact me through my facebook page here.

Merry (early) Christmas, friends!


P.S. don’t forget Black Friday is on November 27th this year – I have a feeling some of these items might be discounted (perfect time to get your gift shopping done). Also make sure to get your orders in ASAP to ensure the arrive in time for Christmas.

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