A Trip to St. Bartholomew’s Chapel -Konigissee, Germany

We didn’t know what to expect- the trip across the lake had been spontaneous. We had seen a few pictures, but nothing could have prepared us for the pristine beauty we were to see.


* boarding dock in Konigssee, each pass was around 20 Euros. 

We started at the pier on the edge of Konigssee (King’s Lake) and glided quietly across glassy waters on an almost silent electric boat. Soft light bounced off of the smooth waters on which we cruised. The edges of the lake were surrounded by towering mountains draped in the brilliant colours of autumn. At one point the boat was shut off and the captain blew into a flugelhorn – the sound echoed sharply back to us in a hauntingly beautiful way.

By the time we arrived at St. Bartholomew’s Chapel, it had been around 35 minutes on the boat. We were amazed at what our eyes saw. The Chapel was nestled on the shore of the lake with the Watzmann range towering behind it, setting the most beautiful backdrop (pictured below).

trip to bartholomew 5

We hopped off of the boat with the other passengers. Overwhelmed with what we saw we were uncertain of what to do first. Had we been more informed before going, and had we had some more time, we would have properly planned which walks/hikes to do, what to eat (there is a restaurant), and we would have known that there was the option of getting on and off at other stops. However, we did not know any of that so we ended up winging it. Our afternoon was still amazing.

trip to bartholomew 6

Doing some post-trip reading I realized that a lot of people highly recommend the trout — smoked or fresh — as a must-have when visiting St. Bartholomew. Wayde and I opted for a simple, and ginormous, Bavarian classic. A pretzel!

trip to bartholomew 10

And boy, it did not disappoint! It was around 3-4 Euro’s and was big enough to feed both of us. No matter what you decide to eat I am sure you will not be disappointed. It would also be a cute spot for a picnic if you wanted to pack your own food.

We ended up doing a short walk 20 minute walk which took us into to the woods, past some old buildings, and along the shore. There are a lot of different walks to do there. Unlike us, I would recommend doing some research on them before hand so you can do all of the ones you want with enough time to make it onto the last boat of the day.

Honestly though, even if you wing it, you will not be disappointed with your trip to St. Bartholomew’s Chapel. It is absolutely stunning.

If you are ever in the Berchtesgaden area this is a must-do.



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