Heading into 2019 like… 2.0

Welcome to our final feature for our New Years Eve "special"! I hope you enjoy it! _______________ FL's intentions In December 2017, I decided that I would pick a word and that would guide what I did in 2018. My word for this past year was intentional. This year I wanted to be more intentional... Continue Reading →

Heading into 2019 like…

Hey there friends! It's been a hot minute since I've hopped on here or given you anything to read, but today is the day that ends (I am so excited to be back on here!!). You guys, I am really excited about this post because not only is it the last day of 2018, but... Continue Reading →

An Open Invite

The slow taunting sound of the clock tick-tick-ticking away echo’s in the early morning silence of my apartment. I grind my teeth together and clench my jaw in frustration. I know what I want to write, yet every time I have attempted to put it into words I fail.  As a result of my repeated... Continue Reading →

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