A Prayer

Heavy limbs.

Heavy eyes.

Heavy heart.

Yet a glimmer of light remains somewhere in my chest.

How will it grow?

What next Lord?

Water that small light.

May it consume me like wildfire.

How does it grow?

Show me the way.

How do I grow?

Show me Lord.

My heart yearns for something.

Something I cannot quite grasp.

Let it actualize Lord.

Give me the words for the dreams you have placed within my soul.

May they come to life.

I know you will Lord.

Help me not forget.

You have a plan.

I must wait.

I must trust.

You will put everything in motion.

But when?

How long Lord?

How long must I wait?

You say not long.

I pray for the strength that you only can provide.

Sustain me, show me, educate me.

All while I wait.

Show me what I must do.

What must I do to prepare Lord?

I am overwhelmed.

I need you.

I need your wisdom.

I need your divine guidance.

Yes, remind me daily to dive deeply into your word.

The answers will come.

All I need you have given.

I’m scared.

You say that’s okay.

You will walk with me.

Hold my hand.

Don’t let go.

Don’t let me let go.

Help me not compare what I must do.

With what you have told others to do.

I am not them.

You have a different plan for me.

A plan that fits the gifts you have given me.

Thank you Lord.

Let me further develop the gifts you have given me.

What shall I do?

Open my heart, soul, and mind to connect with you.

You say don’t force yourself to be what you are not.

You say you have gifted me.

You have made me who I am.

For a specific reason.

That is how I will be fulfilled.

Not by feeling overwhelmed with trying to be like other people.

You love me.

Set me free Lord.

Peel back what I am not.

Expose the me I am meant to be.




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