Down the Rabbit Hole

The snow cascades down from the dark sky above. These snowflakes are not the dainty light flakes you see in almost every Christmas movie; they are thick and heavy blobs. This is the type of snow that makes you want to curl up by the window with a hot drink and stay inside all day long.  However, as heavy and thick as it is, it’s beauty cannot be overlooked.

The snow nestles onto the ground cozily with all the other snowflakes, and a masterpiece is created. The ground, once an array of dying grass, is suddenly becoming a brilliant blanket of diamonds. The earth which was once loud and chaotic now seems quiet as can be. I imagine that if I dared to venture outside that I might be able to hear the snowflakes as they landed; each one boomingly loud in comparison to the silence around me.

As much as I dread clearing off a foot of heavy snow from my car tomorrow, I cannot deny that I revel in the peace I find in this storm.  

The world can be a pretty chaotic place. It is simply too easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle-and-bustle…or, like me, get lost down the rabbit-hole of social media (hours later my phone finally drops from my stiff cramping fingers). It’s sad that it takes the snow for me to stop what I’m doing, look up, and pay attention to the small moments passing by.

In a life that is chaotic and in a world with a million choices around every corner, I find that it can be extremely easy to get a) overwhelmed, b) too busy, and c) paralyzed by indecision (or just apathetic).  I think that all three of these together can add up to a lack of intentionality and decisiveness.

Life is a compilation of small moments woven together over time. All of these small moments set the tone for your life. It is because of this, that I believe that what we choose to do in the small moments is what makes us who we are. Being intentional about what we are thinking in each moment, how we are projecting our thoughts, and how we are treating ourselves and others (to their face, behind their back, or just in our internal judgments), and every small gesture we make builds who we are.

You guys, we NEED to be intentional about the small moments! These moments matter more than we may ever truly know. I have wasted far too much of my life because a lack of intentionality.

Some things I think we need to be more aware of are:

  • Our mood- are we being grateful, are we being positive, are we taking time to reflect on our emotions and figuring out the root of these emotions? If we can try to be intentional about what is going well in our lives, and if we intentionally take the time to stop our negativity, then we will be amazed at the difference we see in our lives. This is something that I have been trying to be intentional about the past few weeks. Whenever I notice my attitude is garbage I try to pause and figure out why my mood is bad, what I can do about it, and try focus on the positive. This is so MUCH easier said than done, however I have noticed that my heart feels much lighter.
  • How we treat others. Yes, this includes just being kind to the person behind the till or someone you pass on the street. However, this also includes how we think and talk about other people. Is it kind? Is it productive to you or to them? Something I have struggled with is gossiping, a lot of the time it can seem so harmless, but it really isn’t. It is mean, it is unnecessary, it hurts people, and it hardens your heart to people who may need your compassion. Let’s all be intentional about the things we say; let’s stop gossiping.
  • How we treat ourselves! Are we being intentional about making sure that we think positively about ourselves? Are we giving ourselves credit for doing our best? Are we challenging ourselves? We need to be deliberate that we treat ourselves kindly. We need to be deliberate that we do not think of ourselves as incapable of chasing and conquering our dreams. We must be intentional with doing things that matter to us and things that challenge us in order for us to grow.
  • And a big one for me is intentionally spending time with God. This could be praying, doing a devotion, reading the bible, or meditating on His word. How will I ever mature as a Christian if I am not intentionally setting time apart to hang out with Jesus? The small moments of spending time with Jesus add up and build us up. We need to spend time with God so we can here Him in our lives.

To me these are some of the main points; however, intentionality is so much more than these four points. Intentionality can also be seen in the form of stewardship, meaning that you are consciously taking care of what has been entrusted to you.

Intentionality can mean being bold in what you believe. Stand up for whatever it is you believe and be deliberate about it!

Intentionality can mean stepping out of your comfort zone, which for some people could mean getting more involved in things, or for others it could mean taking a step back and resting.

Intentionality might be watching less Netflix, or consciously being aware of how often you are on your phone, and doing something else to fill that time.

Intentionality can mean making a decision rather than passively letting life happen to you.

Intentionality means dozens of different things, and it might look slightly different for each person.

Lastly, since it’s Thanksgiving weekend, let’s try to be intentional about being thankful today and every day. One way to do this is to intentionally let people in your life know how thankful you are for them!

It is so important to be aware, to be decisive, and to be intentional with the life that we have been given. Don’t get lost down the rabbit-hole, don’t let the small moments pass by. Let’s be deliberate with the life we have and the life we want.

What we do with those small moments molds us into who we are and sets the foundation for our life.

With this in mind, let’s all focus on being a little more intentional with our lives in the days to come.


“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time” Ephesians 5: 15-16


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