Stuck in the Wilderness

I have had a thick fog rolling around my brain this past week. I felt like I was wandering around in circles inside my own head, and if I ever happened to find my way out of this dense fog, bam! I was greeted head-on by a brick wall. All the thoughts that once occupied... Continue Reading →

I Had a Fedora-Get Over It

What I want to say is floating around my head; never settling down, never stopping long enough for me to grasp it. I know what I want to say, but honestly, I'm not quite sure how. It's like when a word or a thought is on the tip of your tongue and you can't quite... Continue Reading →

Tearing Down Walls

Remember how I was talking about intentionality last week? Yea, well I realized that I wasn’t fully taking my own advice. I have felt sooooo anxious every time I have gone on social media for the last few weeks. Despite this anxiety, I still went on social media multiple times a day. I was getting... Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

The snow cascades down from the dark sky above. These snowflakes are not the dainty light flakes you see in almost every Christmas movie; they are thick and heavy blobs. This is the type of snow that makes you want to curl up by the window with a hot drink and stay inside all day... Continue Reading →

Hero Complex

This is my life, this is my story, this is my journey; therefore, it's all about me and all up to me. Obviously, I am the main character in my journey. As the main character, and clearly the hero, I need to ensure that I am perfect, because no one likes a flawed hero. As the... Continue Reading →

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