More than Mountains

The water gurgles joyfully around me as it flows by.  I Inhale deeply as I try to take it all in, the swift strong river, the tall trees with their leaves that were once a solid green, now transitioning into a hue of burning gold, orange, and red. I am in awe of the nature that I am surrounded by. The cool autumn air softly bites at my nose and I breath in the sweet scent of autumn. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder at God’s creation. I am reminded that God is the ultimate artist, engineer, scientist, and father. He has made the mighty mountians and every single sunset. I love the mountains and I often find my breath taken away by Albertan sunsets. I am pretty sure that we can all agree that mountains and sunsets are beloved by all. BUT, GUESS WHAT!? Surprisingly, these are not God’s greatest works.

I must remind myself that I too am God’s creation. In fact humans are God’s most loved creation and so that means that you and I are God’s most loved creation. Let that sink in. You are God’s most loved creation. He took time to dream you up and he loved you so much that he then created you. He specifically gifted you with your talents, your quirks, your freckles, and your gap between your teeth. The ultimate creator made you knowing you would be amazing. He knows you fully and He loves you fully!

It took me a long long time to really wrap my head around the fact that God intentionally created me to be how I am. He knows all of me fully, and he deeply and fully loves me.

I am enough. I do not have to be like anyone else. I need to embrace all of me. The creator of the universe keeps you in His heart! He thinks about you!

We are God’s most precious jewels.

I am pretty confident when I say that all of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy at times. All of us have strived and stretched ourselves thin to be more like what we thought other people wanted us to be like. We have tried to force ourselves into a confining box of what we believe is acceptable.

We do not have to feel this way!

The more I remember that I am fully known and fully loved by the King of Kings, the easier it is for me to love and be content with who I am. It is easier for me to know that there is nothing wrong with me. It is easier for me to stand apart in who God has created me to be. It is so much easier for me to love. I can easily love another person without feeling jealous or competitive. It is easier for me to see others how God sees them. Knowing God’s love for me frees me from the things that once held me down. I no longer stretch myself thin trying to keep up with others expectations.

As Ephesians 2:10 points out, “we are God’s handiwork”. We were created by God and He has known us since before the world began. You were never a mistake, you were never forgotten, you were never an afterthought. You are seen. Not only that, but you are seen as the most precious of jewels*. You are enough.

You are more beautiful, more mighty, and more amazing than the mountains.



*Zechariah 9:17 “They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown. How wonderful and beautiful they will be!”

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