Comparison Trap


Okay, something has been heavy on my heart and mind as-of-late, and that is comparison via social media.

I constantly find myself looking at other peoples style, belongings, jobs, and (of course) their social media. I find myself looking at their lives and I quickly analyze what I have to offer in comparison to them. I instantly think how come they are so popular, or why aren’t my Instagram pictures getting as many likes as theirs, and I even think I wish my life was more like theirs. The comparison trap in our culture is so real; and guess what!? Social media does not make it any easier. We spend absurd amounts of time on our phones, on our computers, and on our tablets, that a glimpse into other people’s lives is easily at our finger tips. We are constantly looking at what other people are doing at any given time, and we start to worry that we are not as good as them. We worry our lives are not as beautiful, perfect, or as fun as theirs.

It is so easy to scroll through a flood of carefully curated pictures that were purposefully selected by people who are JUST LIKE US, and start to feel insignificant! However, when we look at these pictures we tend to forget that these are people who have insecurities, bad days, and messy lives too. LISTEN UP! We have to remember that the pictures we see are not what these peoples everyday lives look like!! That just isn’t possible. Just like us, everyone else is out there trying to find the absolute best picture they can use to show off their life.

The funny thing is though, is that I find myself sometimes getting angry or competitive with people on social media. I mean, really, how silly is that? I post a harmless picture of a hike I did, or an event I attended, and it’s fine. Then someone else posts about their hike or cool event that they went to and I feel resentment growing inside me. Eventually, it begins to consume me, because their life looks way better than mine.

Here’s the thing, social media is not an accurate representation of life. Social media is a series of carefully chosen snapshots, often edited, often posed, and often not even a real representation of their experience. I know that I have posted photos of myself looking happy and looking like I am having fun; little did anyone know how miserable I really was in some of those photos!

Let’s also remember that just because someone else’s life is great, doesn’t mean that your’s isn’t. Take some time away from social media to reflect on all the blessings that you have in your life. It can do a world of good for you if you focus on what you have been given rather than what someone else has.

So, remember:

  • Social media is not an accurate representation of real life!
  • Someone else’s life can be amazing and that doesn’t mean yours isn’t!
  • Reflect on what you do have rather than what you don’t!!




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