Rain and Regrowth

The sky rolled open with exaggerated deliberateness, the cold rain drops sifted through the brooding clouds overhead and they fell down with slow intention to caress the earth below. It almost seemed romantic the way the sky and the earth came together, like a hand reaching out to embrace a lover’s face

I curl deeper into my favourite spot in my little apartment: my couch; it’s worn-in perfectly so that you practically melt into it when you sit down. I tuck my unruly hair behind my ear absentmindedly as I watched the ever-growing storm build outside. A half-smile tugs the edges of my lips upwards in contentment, I always feel an unexplainable sense of peace fill me when it begins to rain. Everything stills and quiets, life slows down, and it feels as though I can finally breathe again. The world which is so frantic and crazy finally winds-down as if someone had pressed the slow-motion button. It feels like God is saying stop, breathe, and refresh, you need it if you are going to flourish and grow.

I sigh, because just as the earth needs rain, so do I. As much as I want to live this life at full tilt, not missing a moment, I need to realize that I also need periods of rain.  I need times in my life where I slow down and refresh myself, or more importantly, let God refresh me.

Society often tells us that if we aren’t constantly doing something then we are either a) missing out, b) not living our best life, or c) losing value. And the crazy thing is that we buy into that attitude! We forget the moral-of-the-story that is found through Martha and Mary, and we begin to look down on the Mary’s of the world, all the while pushing ourselves to complete exhaustion. And heaven forbid that if we actually do get a moment to relax, do nothing, and just soak it in, then we just feel anxious or bad for not being productive. We must remember though that Jesus told Martha to rest and listen to His voice! He was pleased that Mary took time to be in awe of Him and His word.

Don’t get me wrong, we do need productivity to thrive and grow, BUT we also need rain. In other words, we also need rest! We need to slow down and soak it in. God has a plan for us and often-times that plan includes us being watered. We need to just breathe and soak Him in and let Him prepare us for the sunshine, productivity, and work ahead of us; because without enough rain the grass will dry-up and die.

So wait through the periods of rain and let God refresh and nourish you for the journey ahead. Be still and listen to His voice. Just because you aren’t where you want to be right now doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be there, it just means that you might not be ready yet.

Just wait and trust Him, and the flowers will be blooming in no time.


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