More than Mountains

The water gurgles joyfully around me as it flows by.  I Inhale deeply as I try to take it all in, the swift strong river, the tall trees with their leaves that were once a solid green, now transitioning into a hue of burning gold, orange, and red. I am in awe of the nature... Continue Reading →

Comparison Trap

  Okay, something has been heavy on my heart and mind as-of-late, and that is comparison via social media. I constantly find myself looking at other peoples style, belongings, jobs, and (of course) their social media. I find myself looking at their lives and I quickly analyze what I have to offer in comparison to... Continue Reading →

Rain and Regrowth

The sky rolled open with exaggerated deliberateness, the cold rain drops sifted through the brooding clouds overhead and they fell down with slow intention to caress the earth below. It almost seemed romantic the way the sky and the earth came together, like a hand reaching out to embrace a lover’s face I curl deeper... Continue Reading →

Big Hello!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to take a few moments to hop on here and introduce myself. I am a 23-year-old recent university graduate and a newlywed to my amazing husband. Life these past few years have been a blur of highs and lows. I have experienced the greatest joy and fulfillment I have ever... Continue Reading →

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